Lanlan Pet Dog Hairstylist Academy – Lanlan Pet Arts of dog grooming Academy is the first and only institute in Vietnam that certified to international standards under the International IGA Grooming Association, and Lanlan is either affiliated with many prestigious vocational schools which belong to associations of many countries worldwide.

The Academy has two addresses, the 1st located at No 627 Lac Long Quan – Xuan La ward – Tay Ho distric – Hanoi and the 2nd located at No A45 – 29 street – Cantavil area – An Phu ward – 2 Distric – Ho Chi Minh city. There will be more facilities built nationwide in the future.

Ms. Luong Thi Phuong Lan – Principal of the Academy – is a member and national leader of IGA. The international standard training programme is the very first attraction to students. Accordingly, the training programme is outstandingly modern as it gets Western education acquired and the value of the Vietnamese environment inherited. The Academy always gets updated with the latest learning and reform programmes. Therefore, the curriculum is composed of the world’s leading teachers.

When hitting the academy, you will be surprised by the school’s facilities. It has a modern classroom system certified and censored by the IGA International Association. Remarkably, the school possesses a completely new ecological environment with green trees, beautiful and inspiring landscapes to maximize the potential of creativity and thinking.

Training must always go with practice in order to achieve high efficiency. If the facilities are not adequate for you to have practical space and tools, it will be disadvantageous. That is also the reason why Lanlan Pet’s Institute for modeling and trimming has always made a strong investment in facilities. There are two main classrooms: the theoretical classroom and the practical classroom equipped for learning. The system of lights, projectors, desks, necessary tools such as scissors, comb, trimmer, dryer, bathtub, etc. are all at its best condition. We inspire our students to develop their potential abilities fully. Therefore, our Institute has student exchange programmes with other IGA training institutions around the world for those who are willing to advance skills to gain experiences with foreign groomers. During the learning process, students will have chances to participate in seminars or new subjects instruct by foreign teachers every year and examine to be qualified through international competitions held in and out of Vietnam.

There will be totally two certificates received, which including graduation certificate at Lanlan Pet and certificate from IGA International Association. We create job opportunities for all of our students at Lanlan Pet. When you graduate, you will have the opportunity to apply to all the facilities of Lanlan Pet or Lanlan Pet’s franchise branches. Especially, we ensure our jobs for all students with a high salary to who are not only from “creativity” courses. We – with the enthusiasm and reputation – always guarantee all the rights committed to our students. If you ever have a passion for pets and a dream of becoming a professional groomer, do not hesitate to join Lanlan Pet Dog Stylist Academy. We will make your dream come true and make your future a reality. Lanlan Pet International Arts Of Dog Grooming Academy in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.